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Every girl goes through a photography phase

June 6, 2008

Being the creatures we are, one of the first questions asked of a new acquaintance is "So, what do you do?" When you live in the Yukon and answer that question with "I'm a photographer", the rest of the conversation invariably goes something like this:

A. Oh - cool you must just love it up here what with all the incredible landscapes/vistas/mountains/rivers and all. When I first moved here from (insert the name of Ontario town here) I got into photography big time for a while, too.

Me: Actually I'm not that kind of photographer.

A: Oh, right. So you take wildlife photos. Cool. I took a great shot of a bald eagle at the dump last week with my (insert name of high-fangled high-tech digital camera do-dad here).

Me: That's neat, but no, I don't shoot wildlife. I do mostly studio work.

A. Oh, OK so you do portraits. Hey, would you take some belly shots for me/shoot my wedding/take our engagement photo for the Whitehorse Star?

Me: Er, that's not really my genre. (against my better judgement) I'm a conceptual photographer.

A. (looking nervous) How, er, creative. Um, I think I hear my mother/spouse/toddler calling me.

Yukon Portraits opens tonight and will include "das es, das ich, das uber-ich". Thanks Carla and Theo!